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Just imagine being able to influence your mood, your well-being and your performance directly.  Wouldn't that be extraordinarily helpful in difficult situations and day-to-day life. That is the very purpose of akury Information Chips. They aid the energetic balance and the organism's vitality using specified wave transfer. 


akury active life

To lead an active and purpose-driven life, we require enough life energy. Whoever wants to achieve their aims and contribute something, ought to make sure they provide their body with the right nutrition, sufficient exercise and fresh air and the right amount of sleep. If you live according to a healthy rhythm, you can maintain a high level of performance into old age. The Information Chips from the akury active life series are designed to support the body and mind and all their tasks.

akury harmony

The wealth and complexity of our daily lives keep us on our toes all the time. Never before have we had so much information and options at our fingertips. Speed and the pressure to perform in our work lives are on the rise and many of us seem to be reaching breaking point. If you add a health issue or some other unanticipated burden to this mix, we quickly feel we are losing control of our lives. For that reason it is important to protect yourself, to maintain the balance and to mobilise the self-healing powers of the body, mind and spirit.

akury eProtect

The akury eProtect Chip was developed to alleviate the detrimental effects of high-frequency radiation on the body when telephoning. It works in a way which is both simple and effective. The akury eProtect Chip has a higher resonance than the human body and resonates with the artificial electromagnetic signals. In this way it unburdens the regulatory system. The akury eProtect Chip can be used everywhere where electro-smog represents a hazard to you or your family.

akury kids

The frequencies used for akury Kids are tailored to the needs of babies and children to facilitate a sound and restful sleep. The akury Information Chip is suitable for babies and children from 0 to 12 years of age. It can be used for all regular baby phones.

akury pets

Our dogs and pets also have to come to terms with the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation. Here the akury Pet Tag can provide support.

Sonstige akury Produkte

Here you find more akury products, which don't belong to the akury active life, harmony or eProtect series.


How does Bioenergetic Information work?

We all are subject to the laws of of how energy is generated and consumed. The prerequisites for generating energy in an optimal manner are wholesome foods  and  optimal pulmonary and digestive functions. The many stimuli which have an impact on the body are pivotal in terms of  energy consumption...


How does akury eProtect Chip work?

We all use electronic devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones at work and in our leisure time. We have come to expect wireless network connections (WiFi) wherever we go and the number of telephone towers is on the rise. That is why our exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is also on the rise...


Studies and expert opinions

Numerous health experts and renowned organic experts in Germany and abroad work successfully with akury Information Chips and other akury products. Scientific examinations verify their effect. A controlled, randomised and prospective study (the scientific gold standard) is available as a download here.


The akury Therapist Network

The akury Information Chips in our Online Shop are available over the counter. We offer a host of topic-specific akury Information Chips through our network of trained bioenergetic Information Therapists which can be used if required. If this is of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us so we can recommend a consultant in your area. If you are interested in becoming a Bioenergetic Information Management consultant, feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions about bioenergetic information and akury products (FAQ)

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As prescribed by law we hereby point out that the modes of effect of the products described here have only been partially proven at the current time and the effect cannot be guaranteed. For that reason the characteristics described here do not represent a therapeutic use as per the pharmaceutical advertising law. The information does not constitute a professional medical consultation. It also does not constitute a diagnosis or treatment of a health problem or illness. In these cases a doctor should be consulted.
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