How does Bioenergetic Information work?

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Just imagine being able to influence your mood, your well-being and your performance directly. Wouldn't that be fantastic? That is what akury Information Chips make possible. We all are subject to the laws of of how energy is generated and consumed. The prerequisites for generating energy in an optimal manner are wholesome foods and optimal pulmonary and digestive functions. The many stimuli which have an impact on the body are pivotal in terms of energy consumption.

It can be said that we are healthy when the organism can respond to the stimuli and the baseline state can be attained again. This is only possible if the type and strength of the stimuli are such that the body can cope with them. However, each and every stimulus response consumes energy. Adapting to stimuli which are too intense, prolonged, alien and non-biological takes a lot of energy and causes impairments to your well-being and even illnesses. It is our objective to re-establish the energetic balance. If our energy field is in balance, our immune system is in a position to fight off negative influences. Our well-being and our performance are based on an energetic balance. If the energy is not in flow, disharmonious waves and blockages of the individual cells come about.

How it works:

Each and every cell, organ and organism has a specific inimitable resonant frequency spectrum. A substance's wave can unleash an effect by causing another substance to resonate. From the host of frequencies entering the body, the only ones to actually have an affect (to react) are the ones that trigger a resonance. The akury Information Chips are 'equipped' with topic-specific waves and transfer these to the organism.


The akury Informations Chip is delivered in an acyclic glass capsule and is typically worn on the body e.g. in a pants pocket. akury Information Chips for nocturnal use (e.g. Deep and Restful Sleep) may be placed on a night stand or affixed to the head of the bed.

Please note:

It is a proven fact that the akury Information Chip maintains 100% of its power for 10 years after purchase. The Chip may not be removed from the laminate or exposed to damp.

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