How does akury eProtect Chip work?

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We all use electronic devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones at work and in our leisure time. We have come to expect wireless network connections (WiFi) wherever we go and the number of telephone towers is on the rise. That is why our exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is also on the rise. Living beings are also independent electromagnetic organisms. Every second of every day a multitude of physiological, chemical and electronic processes takes place in our bodies. Their objective is to maintain and/or re-establish the health of our regulatory system. Artificial electromagnetic signals interfere with our natural and well-organised biological processes and impair the balance our bodies strive for. Due to the fact that we, of course, use our life energy our bodies are forced to regulate themselves again and again. This places a lot of stress on the organism and can cause defects as well as hypersensitivities and immunodeficiencies.

How it works:

The akury eProtect Chip was developed to alleviate the detrimental effects of high-frequency radiation on the body in a simple yet effective way.

It consists of a thin carrier foil with a highly exponentiated mineral substance. A laminate is also used to protect the akury eProtect Chip. The Chip is approx. 26mm x 22mm in size and approx. 0.5 mm thick. The akury eProtect Chip has a higher wave resonance than the human body due to its composition. In this way it resonates with the electromagnetic waves sent by the transmitter, the detrimental longitudinal waves, which result from telephoning and significantly reduces the demands on our own regulatory system. According to tests performed by the International Institute for Biophysics (Prof. Popp) in Neuss the akury eProtect Chip even stimulates the regulation. The minerals also collect free energy and pass it on to the body. This results in a measurable increase in the energy of the meridians. Using kinesiological methods it was possible to demonstrate the the akury Information Chip boosted the life energy. A harmonisation and dissolution of energy blocks occurred on all levels.


The akury eProtect Chip is suitable for use with e.g. laptops, tablets, smartphones, WiFi routers and DECT telephones. Just glue the akury eProtect Chip – the blue side facing inward – to the case and/or housing or if possible place it between the battery and the case and/or housing The akury eProtect Chip is ready for use immediately. The function of the device, the transmission and reception and the voice quality of mobile phones is in no way impaired by the akury eProtect Chip. Please do not try to force the akury eProtect Chip into the device. We accept no liability for any resulting damage.

Please note:

It has been verified that the akury eProtect Chip continues to work fully ten years after purchase. The Chip may not, however, be removed from the laminate or exposed to excessive damp.



Verification using thermal images

(recorded by Litke GmbH with a thermal camera)

Thermal image prove that telephoning by mobile phone causes the temperature of the brain to rise significantly. The use of the akury eProtect Chip in a mobile phone prevents extreme rises in temperature.

Verification using dark field blood tests according to Prof. Dr. Enderlein

(performed in the naturopathy practice of Manuela Ott in Wiesbaden) Dark field blood tests show that the haemogram deteriorates when telephoning by mobile phone. With the aid of the akury eProtect Chip the haemogram remains virtually the same when telephoning.

Verification in double-blind studies

(performed by Dr. Charles D. Krebs, Director, Melbourne Applied Physiology & Founder of the LEAP Program, Melbourne)

The outcomes of numerous scientific examinations prove that the the akury eProtect Chip performed reliably regardless of the test person or the source of electro-smog.

Verification using regulatory therapy device developed in IIB

(performed by Alexander Popp, Biophotonic International Institute of Biophysics - IIB, Neuss)

The regulatory systems of all test persons in IIB opened upwithin ten minutes of wearing the akury eProtect Chip and the energy level rose significantly.

Proof of efficacy and safety are documented by the product certificate of the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC) in Krems, AT.

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