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Frequently asked questions

  • FAQs about akury information chips

    1. What is the akury Information Chip made of?

    The akury Information Chip is made up of a plastic platelet in shape of a square with rounded corners of approx. 20mm x 20mm. Carrier substances are applied to surface which have an energetic charge according to the desired effect.

    2. How is the Information Chip manufactured?

    An akury Information Chip is manufactured in 4 steps:
    1. Imprinting the foil
    2. Applying the carrier substances
    3. Sealing the foil with a 3D hologram foil
    4. Embossing the information

    3. According to what principle does the akury Information Chip work?

    The akury Information Chip works according to the principle of signal transfer in the organism. If the energies are not in flow, there are disharmonious frequencies and blocks of the individual cells .

    Each and every cell, organ and organism has a specific inimitable resonant frequency spectrum. A substance's frequency can trigger a reaction when the frequency of said substance causes another substance to resonate. akury Information Chips utilise this Principle of Resonance: They are in a position to transfer harmony balancing frequencies to your body.

    4. Is there any proof of the impact of akury Information Chips?

    The impact of numerous akury Information Chips have already been tested in select studies at the University of Mainz . The first akury Information Chips were released more than 7 years ago and tested by therapists on a daily basis. In the meantime there are akury Information Chips with more than 70 different operating directions.

    5. What are the advantages of akury Information Chips?

    1. User-friendly - akury Information Chips are simply worn on the body.
    2. Precise use - akury Information Chips are used according to the matter or situation at hand.
    3. Natural principles of action - akury Information Chips boost the self-healing powers of the organism.
    4. One 'size' fits all - akury Information Chips are suitable for the whole family.
    5. Long-lasting - akury Information Chips do not get used up and maintain their impact for at least ten years.
    6. Gentle support - No foreign physical substances are transferred to your body.

    6. What long does it take for an Informations Chip to expire?

    The first Information Chips were released more than 7 years ago and have maintained 100% of their power up to now. The akury Information Chips cannot be effected by external energies and cannot be effected by electromagnetic radiation from airport scanners, mobile communications, WiFi etc.

    7. How do I use the akury Information Chip?

    The akury Information Chips are easy to use. You can use one or more akury Information Chips at the same time. They are to be worn on your body. By wearing the chip, biologically effective signals are transferred to the body in a gentle manner.

    8. What if I do not notice any effect through the akury Information Chip?

    Now and then we receive that kind of feedback. As is the case with modern medication the Information Chips do not have the same effect on every person and not every person notices an obvious effect. Occasionally there is no effect to speak of. This is perfectly normal as all people are different i.e. any obvious effect can vary according to your personal constitution and/or individual circumstances at a given time. In some cases there may be no obvious effect. Please speak to your doctor, naturopath or therapist. All orders can be refunded within a period of 21 days.

    9. How long am I meant to wear the akury Information Chip?

    There is no one answer to that question and it depends greatly on the type of akury Information Chip. The akury active life and akury harmony selections may be worn without risk. There is no danger of harming yourself or others. Information Chips which are not part of these selections can only be provided by certified therapists. They then determine how long you are to wear the respective akury Information Chip.

    10. Can I pass the akury Information Chip around in my family ?

    The akury Information Chips are not effected by external energies and may be passed on to other people without loss of efficacy.

    11. How do I select which akury Information Chip to use on any given day?

    Place the akury Information Chips in front of you and listen to your intuition. There is no danger of doing the 'wrong' thing. The only exception is: the 'Deep & Restful Sleep' Information Chip should be left at home by day.

    12. The akury Information Chip is in a coin holder. Do I need to take it out so it can work?

    The purpose of the coin holder is to protect the akury Information Chip so please do not take it out. This in no way impairs the effect of the akury Information Chip.

    13. I put the coin holder (with Information Chip) in the laundry. Does it still work?

    Normally this should not impair the effect of the akury Information Chip. As a precaution you can have it tested by our expert team.

    14. Can the akury Information Chip also be used for animals?

    We have developed the akury VET Chip especially for animals. The akury Information Chip is attached to the collar in a capsule or an Energy Card with the corresponding frequencies is placed under the pet's blanket.
  • FAQs about akury technology

    What does the akury Information Chip look like?

    The akury Infornation Chip comprises a high-quality aluminium hologram foil of approx. 0.1 mm in thickness. It is distinctive and forgery-proof.

    How do I affix the akury Information Chip?

    All akury Information Chips can be affixed in a matter of seconds. The Chip can be placed between the battery and the casing. With mobile phones the Chip is affixed to the battery or on the outside or inside of the battery cover. For cordless telephones or baby-phones, the akury Information Chip is meant to be affixed in close proximity to the batteries of the mobile receiver. Interestingly the Chip is most effective when affixed to the battery and not the antenna as previously assumed.

    How long does the akury Information Chip hold?

    Based on our observations the akury Information Chip maintains its power over a 10-year period.

    Does 'radiation' emanate from the akury Information Chip?

    No, akury Infornation Chips are not a source of 'radiation'. For that very reason the Chip is not attached to a battery or an electric circuit. In light of the proven effects of the Chip, it can be said that the Chip is an information-specific biological component. It is a trans-material catalyser according to Prof. Dr. Armin Bechmann 1 (Zukunfts-Zentrum-Barsinghausen) i.e. the bio-catalytic health-promoting effects do not stem from the material itself but from the imprinted information. (This does not preclude the significance of the material as an information carrier.)

    Does the akury Information Chip shield against radiation?

    No, the akury Information Chip does not shield against radiation. It also does not in any way influence the properties of the devices in use. This would not make any sense, as this would mean that e.g. the mobile phone would than have to amplify the transmission power to maintain a clear contact to the transmitter. Thus defeating the very purpose of the akury Information Chip.

    Can I glue the akury Information Chip onto my skin?

    We advise against such action. Just as different skin types react differently to the sun so too can the reaction to electro-magnetic field be very different. Allergic reaction cannot be ruled out.

    Is the akury Information Chip medication?

    The akury Information Chip is not medication as per the German Medicines law.

    Is the akury Information Chip a medical product ?

    The akury Information Chip is not a medical product as per the German Medicinal Products law.

    Is there a guarantee that the akury Information Chip works?

    We are not allowed to issue such a guarantee for the akury Information Chip. Our experience and convictions indicate lasting beneficial effects. Such lasting beneficial effects depend, however, on your personal circumstances and your surroundings. This too plays a part in how quickly and/or how clearly you notice these beneficial effects or if there are any beneficial effects to speak of.

    What are the requirements for the akury Information Chip ?

    The basic criteria are as follows:
    • Each and every akury Information Chip is distinctive and forgery-proof.
    • The benefits and sustainability of the akury Information Chips are constantly checked by doctors.
    • The akury information Chip is easily affixed and can also be easily detached (on purchase of a new replacement device) It has to be reusable.

    How can I check the effects of the akury Information Chip on me?

    Doctors, naturopaths and therapists who are in possession of a bio-resonance measuring device, EEG, bio-functional system diagnostics with the IMEDIS expert system, electro-acupuncture equipment and have a command of vegatest diagnostics with organ ampoules or kinesiology are in a position to verify the effects. Be sure to do a before and after comparison to better track the effects.

    I have the akury Information Chip and notice no improvement. Why not?

    Now and then we receive that kind of feedback. As is the case with modern medicine the Information Chips do not have the same effect on every person and not every person notices an obvious effect. Occasionally there is no effect to speak of. This is perfectly normal as all people are different i.e. any obvious effect can vary according to your personal constitution and/or individual circumstances at a given time. In some cases there may be no obvious effect. Please speak to your doctor, naturopath or therapist. All orders can be refunded within a period of 21 days.

    How are akury Infornation Chips manufactured?

    Biologically effective frequencies are transferred to the carrier foil. It is similar to how electro-acoustic frequencies are transferred to a record in that an elementary analysis of the material would not indicate such frequencies. The main area of application of our product is the the biologically beneficial impact on radio waves by affixing the akury Information Chip to the mobile phone or other high frequency transmitters.

    What is the difference between the akury Information Chips and other chips of this kind ?

    There is only one distinctive and forgery-proof akury Information Chip. There are, of course, other so-called chips available to purchase. The ones we have found and tested proved to be bad value for money. (Please refer to the basic criteria of the akury Information Chip)

    Is the akury Information Chip basically just nonsense?

    This claim has been made before. In our opinion it is to an extent similar to the controversy about orthodox medicine versus alternative medicine. Similar claims have often been made about methods and preparations used in alternative medicine. The effects of akury Information Chips have been verified by scientifically proven studies.

    The physical effects using and EEG (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz), thermal imaging and the proof of its effects using dark field blood diagnosis and in terms of the coherency of water (Dr. Walter Medinger) have been determined.

    At the end of the day it is up to the customer to decide which value the product has for them. In this respect the akury Information Chip has been shown to provide swift and noticeable successes in many cases. In addition it is worth mentioning that there have been no reports of detrimental effects or side-effects.

    Why is there not a technical measuring device to measure the effects of the akury Information Chip in a quick and easy way?

    Unlike with the natural 'fault-zones' such as earth rays and water veins, there are often calls to measure the electro-smog – the faults caused by our technology. Again and again we try to measure all 'faults' and 'fault clearances' using purely technical measuring methods. These attempts have failed up to now as well as the applicable limits such as the SAR value because human being are not simple linear systems which can determined and recorded on a physical level. For that reason individual purely technical measurements cannot process the very different reactions of living biological being (human, plant, animal) in terms of the increase or decrease of faults. In this way the European REFLEX study showed clearly that as a 'side-effect' the use of the 'radical catcher' Vitamin C in a cell culture sample meant that there were hardly any DNA strand breaks compared to the sample without Vitamin C although the samples were exposed to the exact same level of radiation.

    Seeing as phones emit less and less radiation, do I really need protection or 'fault clearance'?

    Though true that the mobile phone industry is constantly trying to reduce the emission to stay below the legal limits, this does not begin to address the the whole issues of these legal limits. Partially shielding a mobile phone does not make sense because this results in the stronger emissions than for an 'unshielded' telephone call. For the telephone connection with the next telephone tower to work, there must be a certain minimum intensity. If the connection falls below this intensity, the mobile phone automatically connects with the next higher intensity level so as to maintain the connection. This, in turn, amplifies emissions. Although the current emission values through the emission energy barely cause any rise in temperature, it is nonetheless possible to determine hotspots around the head. These are a result of non-thermal (=not energetic) effects. In order to illustrate that we can use the analogy of exposure to the sun. The limits for solar exposure were lowered constantly although the sun's energy had barely changed – but in terms of the changes to the atmosphere it was increasingly dangerous. Not only that but parts of the solar irradiation show purely thermal effects (sunburn) and others show 'non-thermal' effects (skin cancer, pigmentation). It is very much possible for someone to get skin cancer without having ever had sunburn. Someone who has had sunburn does not necessarily have to develop skin cancer. In terms of mobile communications the 'sunburn' effects which are immediately visible are under control thanks to legal limits but the long-term 'skin cancer' effects have been more or less ignored up to now. But they are the very non-thermal effects (please see the European Reflex Study about mobile communications). The non-thermal faults should be cleared completely.

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